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Hiking from Zerkall to Blens!

Since the beginning of this year, I don’t use MeetUp anymore. Instead I post the events on FB and Telegram. It didn’t attract a lot of people until the last time. There, however, I was told that it might make sense to post some photos on FB to show other people how the group actually looks. This may have helped today – there were far more than 30 people joining today. Well, at the same time many people also came back from their holidays.

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There’s this one train that we often take from Düren to go in the direction of Heimbach. It’s a super slow small diesel train. Today, it was even smaller than usual because there was only one coach instead of two. And besides the group was fairly large today. It was hopelessly overcrowded. Luckily I was far away from the doors so I didn’t have much trouble, but it was anyway not a particularly pleasant experience. I wonder what people thought when they saw that a large chunk of people got off at Zerkall, where there’s in principle nothing.

Just as much as there’s nothing in Zerkall, it was also a super weird start today – there was virtually no path right after the station. With quite a high number of people joining for the first time, I was really stressed because I was really not sure if the trail made sense.

Fortunately it was really only the initial part that made a problem. We just had to force ourselves through the small section and the rest of the trail was fairly regular, as we’ve already seen in the last trails in the Eifel.

Today was a typical German summer day. With around 25 degrees with a clear blue sky, it was delightful to be in a place like Eifel, where vast areas are covered by trees.

Just like every time we first went to the famous viewing platform and we went to the lake. We had an extremely long lunch break today, because most of the people first had a break at the viewing platform and joined us at the lake. I stayed at the lake all the time, enjoying the cold water (which was in the end too cold to me after the break :D).

In order to avoid the cyclists, we took a steep path right after the break. It was like it was super cold after the lake and the body had to heat up immediately.

Today, I took really random paths everywhere, but mostly it ended up pretty okay. Especially the last part was fairly peaceful. In this kind of stuff, there’s a clear difference between Sauerland and Eifel.

I was in the front group on the way back, and made it on time for the train. There’s only one train per hour so the others might have had to wait for 1h. Well, it’s a nice environment so maybe they enjoyed it anyway 🙂

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