Hiking report

Hiking from Honrath to Rösrath

Here we came back to where we were before. Only few details differ.

Right after the hike last week, there was a rumour that there’d be another lockdown. Then there was a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, where the things became clear – four weeks of what they called “light lockdown” from Monday, name tomorrow.

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There were a few people who asked me if the hike was taking place, but no one complained. I’m pretty sure that there were some people on MeetUp who thought I’m doing nonsense, although I have to say today it really made sense since we are anyway going to lockdown from tomorrow – if we should get infected anyway at some point, then today would be probably the best day, at least as long as you don’t belong to the high risk group.

I don’t know if the others were thinking the same or not, but despite the horrific weather forecast, it attracted quite a number of people today, just like every time. Just like the hikes in the last few months, I didn’t appear at the meeting point. I wonder whether there are still people expecting me at Köln Hbf. I just got a person who could take me on their ticket.

Today’s trail was an invented one. There are still plenty of trails that we can do in VRS, but I really wanted one today where I can be 100% sure that it’s possible to have a break in a café or restaurant or whatever, because a lot of places started closing these days. Well, since today was the last day before lockdown, it’s possible that many places also tried to make money. Who knows. Besides, I wanted a place where we wouldn’t have to take a train for a long time. Honrath being right next to Köln and there are still quite a few cities next to each other, this was the perfect place today.

It’s really a shame that we’re entering lockdown in this period of time, when the trees are truly beautiful. Today we were going through an uncountable amount of leaves. Unfortunately, because of the weather the photos are maybe not quite convincing, but it was really a beautiful place today.

Beautiful was one thing, but it was also extremely slippery and muddy. I hope the others were well prepared for today. I got water tight trousers last week and I could see the difference immediately today.

As I stated above, we got a proper city, Hoffnungsthal, for our break. But for some reason everyone stayed with me at REWE, which of course was closed today. Hm whatever. Some passersby looked at us weirdly, but luckily there weren’t too many people in this area.

If the weather had been better, it would have been a wonderful place today. With the changing landscape and some slight height differences, it was a proper hike today.

From Rösrath, we directly got a train and went back home. So was the last hike before the lockdown. We’ll have to see if we can have another hike in December, since it’s not really clear to me if it’s gonna converge within a month, and also I could organise a hike only at the first weekend of December. One way or other, there’s anyway no Christmas market. So it’s gonna mark a normal winter hike like every year. So until then, enjoy the beautiful autumnal landscape everyone.

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