Hiking report

Hiking from Grevenbroich to Neuss!

There’s this thing called Easter, for which here in Germany we have a long weekend. Originally, I was planning to go to the south of Bonn for a hike with other people. The problem was that we organized the stuff way too late, so that the hotels were fully booked. It is maybe important to note that during a long weekend or school holidays, a significant number of people go hiking in Germany. Remarkable, that you may bump into bears or Germans in the mountains in Japan, but not into Japanese people.

Even though I’m still quite impressed by the number of possibilities that this region offers for hiking, it is not infinite. Today, therefore, I planned a particularly long one, because I expected only a handful of people to appear because of Easter. And if there are not so many people there, it does not matter whether they complain or not.

Actually in the morning, it was even raining and quite cold. The thing is that since I told everyone that I would anyway be there regardless of the weather, I still decided to go to the railway station, expecting no one to appear.

Until I saw 20 people in front of me, I didn’t realize how wrong I was.

It is interesting to see the spectrum of the participants every time. This time, there were a lot of Indians. Most of the Indians are engineers, usually working in Bochum. At our institute there are quite some of them.

In general, it was a lovely walk today. But I must say the weather was simply nasty. Only the restaurant on the way, Am Fusseberg, which turned out to be an Iranian restaurant, offered a quite nice moment. If I have the chance to do the same path again, I’m sure that I’ll go back to this restaurant.

PS special thanks to Darshan for the first photo.

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