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Hiking around Aachen and the triple point!

More or less once a year we do this hike around Aachen, going from the central station to the German-Dutch-Belgian triple point. It is now nearly impossible to create a completely new trail, but since I still wanted to do this hike this year as well, I created something that’s mostly the same as the previous ones, although there are small changes towards the beginning of the trail.

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The weather forecast looked rather promising when I posted the event over a week ago, but then it went quite badly downward. This probably prevented many people from joining in the first place, although there was a significant improvement in the forecast and it turned out to be actually perfectly sunny today. It’s really a pity that not so many people signed up for this event.

As always the first part from Aachen central was not particularly beautiful. It’s really a pity that the central station tends to be so ugly in Germany… By the way apparently there were people waiting somewhere at Aachen who joined for the first time. Maybe I should have informed them better that we usually don’t look for other people on the way.

Then we crossed a few parks and reached the outskirts of Aachen. This is the area that is directly connected to the Ardennes, so the forest was quite massive. Also fortunately this area was not strongly affected by this year’s drought. The trees were really beautiful.

As I already stated above, we go to Aachen once a year, and it makes it very difficult to create a new track. At least I tried to make it somewhat new, with little success, as the road was mostly concrete and there were cars passing by all the time. This one is really not to take.

But then before the triple point we joined one path that we must have taken in 2017. This part was not entirely flat, and the area was really beautiful.

The triple point was just as crowded as every time. By the time, all the people including the ones from Bonn joined us. We must have been a group of maybe 30 people today.

We went to the usual French fries place. After the lunch I did a super long Power Nap of 30 min and we went farther. Apparently people took a group photo without me noticing it. These people. Well some other people were apparently enjoying the place so much that they decided to stay there. I guess it would be a bit boring if you go there by car, but otherwise hiking in the area and finding it is a wonderful experience.

We always go clockwise when we hike in Aachen, so we always see the same starting and ending point. And the second part is mostly field, which was actually not so bad this time as the summer is now over and it was pleasant to be in the sun again.

There were wild (?) apple trees on the way. One of the best things to have in autumn.

And you can also see how the colours change in the nature. This photo is totally without photoshop. Beautiful isn’t it?

When we reached the city, we figured out that there was no train for nearly 1 hour, so we did a small city tour and then took a train back home, from Aachen central, because Aachen West was apparently under construction today. At least I could get an ice cream. Lovely!

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