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Hiking from Solingen Schaberg to Güldenwerth!

There’s this very common hiking route that I started organising right from the beginning – from Güldenwerth to Schaberg. This is a very comfortable one, because first we can go to the castle Schloss Burg from the mountain side (and not from below), which allows us to have a break, then there’s the highest railway bridge at Schaberg, where we can also picnic. This time, I did it other way around, thinking it might be also interesting to do it this way, even though the path was more than 50% new (which is getting more and more difficult these days given the number of hikes we’ve already done here).

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Until today, we had a wonderful week: sunny and just sunny all the time. It was predicted to be sunny today as well, but our luck made a huge down turn. It was cold and it showered every now and then, although compared to other years it was fairly ok for this season.

From Schaberg, we went directly in the “wrong” direction, namely not in the direction where we usually picnic. It was partly not easy to find the path, but there was nothing particularly complicated. You will be right next to the bridge when you are on the other side, just like on the photo above.

Then we walked along the river Wupper, but on the “other” side of the river (so not the picnic side). I always new that the Wupper is very clean, but it’s really nice to walk along such a beautiful river in Europe, because it doesn’t happen very often (I know that the photo doesn’t look particularly nice, but it was really nice). Maybe we can come back here in the summer.

The first half before the break was actually super easy. Since this was not the most standard path, I thought we’d see complicated areas, but apparently we were following a sort of beginner bikers’ path, so that we were indeed in the forest, but the surface was quite regular.

If you look at the map above, you notice that we made a needless detour. That’s because I wanted to have a break at Schloss Burg and we essentially had to go up the hill once. There was a Pavillon on top, from where we could see Schloss Burg and the surrounding area.

And so we had a break at Schloss Burg. It was cold and showering lightly. Anyway I warmed up some Momo that Shrijal prepared yesterday (even though he didn’t join us today).

We then walked down the hill afterwards and to Güldenwerth. Apparently we lost most of the people when we started walking. Sorry for not letting you know!!

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