Hiking report

Hiking from Meerbusch to Krefeld!

So finally back to the hike. It’s been quite some time since we went to the other side of the Rhine last time. As a matter of fact, it was the beginning of September. This area is just too flat for hiking. And the last one we did, which was from Meerbusch to Neuss, was not even particularly beautiful. Nevertheless, it’s nice to go everywhere inside the VRR region.

My work (as a scientist) is going pretty well these days, so that I took the advantage of living right next to the train station and worked at home before going to the hike, which made me arrive almost too late. There was apparently a certain confusion at the station, although in the end we all managed to see each other in the train. This time, we took the subway (which is actually not underground most of the time).

The weather forecast predicted rain until yesterday. In reality, it never rained. Winter is probably not over, but those awful days might be gone. After all, December was just too horrible. It should be somewhere recompensed

Just as last time, there was a huge confusion regarding the starting point. The problem was clearly the way the subway/tram stop was constructed, namely only one side of the railway line was accessible. There were Ariana and Cláudia who lived in Meerbusch, both of whom showed a different direction than my trail. I decided to ignore them and go my way. So weird that no one complains.

Compared to the hike from Meerbusch to Neuss, this hike was way nicer, even though the weather was much better last time. Well, the question is maybe also what the “normal” weather is like. At that time, it was sunny everyday. Today, we were happy that it did not rain.

As you might already know, I learned Persian when I was in Iran. After that, I went back to France, where there was pretty much no Iranian. There in France, I almost never spoke Persian, which made it difficult speak it again. Now, here in Germany, I have five Iranians in my institute. And almost at each hike, there are Iranians. Today, there were four of them. Not quite for the first time since I was in Germany, but today I tried hard to speak Persian. It sounded horrible, but still I did it. I’m extremely proud of myself.

The final destination of today’s hike was Linn castle, which was right next to Krefeld. We finished there, took a group picture and went to a café nearby.

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