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Hiking from Langenberg to Nierenhof

There was a nice piece of information that I found yesterday in the evening – the autumn promotion of the local railway companies, which allowed us to travel everywhere in NRW with a ticket on subscription, got extended, meaning we can go everywhere inside NRW on weekends with any ticket on subscription til the end of the year. After that, we will have the 49€ ticket, so  I don’t need to think too much about where to go for which price anymore. Everywhere is in principle free.

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So with no pressure to go far from Düsseldorf, this time I organized a trip near Düsseldorf – from Velbert Langenberg to Velbert Nierenhof. It’s an area that we visited frequently in 2017. As there are unfortunately not so many train stations, I couldn’t organize a lot of hikes, but it’s a truly comfortable area, with a lot of fields and forests.

Just like always near Essen, there were a lot of people joining today. It’s not like I ever really pay attention to who is there, but this time it was simply not possible to have an overview of how many people were actually walking with us. I simply went ahead as soon as we arrived in Langenberg.

There is this forest dungeon place near Langenberg, where we were in a hike some time ago. At that time we could go up the tower there, but this time it was closed. Allegedly it has to be renovated, but they didn’t know when it’s going to be (at least not until the end of this year). Good that we went up last time.

As the toilets were not working on the train, I made sure that people could use the toilets right in front of the tower. After some time, I started walking again. Somehow I managed to leave everyone there. Really I don’t understand the group dynamics every now and then.

This is definitely not the most remote place from civilizations, but we almost never had to walk along with cars. There were some bicycles on the way, but so rarely that we were essentially walking alone. On such a comfortable day with the maximum temperature of 20+ degrees, it was a wonderful autumn walk today.

I was planning to have a break at the restaurant Zur Blume, which was open today, but there was another restaurant right before, which was actually closed, but they left the tables outside, so we simply stayed there and had a break.

If you look at the map above, you can see that there’s one place towards the end, which Komoot says is extremely complicated. There was indeed one spot which required some attention, but I guess we all managed it safely. It was good to have such a place as well.

There was no ice cream place after the hike. We then went to a Vietnamese place in Essen instead – frankly we shouldn’t have. Anyway, it was a really comfortable hike today with a lot of people. Let’s see how the winter is going to be like 🙂

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