Hiking report

Hiking from Dahl to Hagen and Christmas market!

The year, which we thought would be a totally different year from the last one, passed by. While in total, it was just as bad as last year, we could at least meddle through till the end of the year, although the next decree is in place from this week and it might get worse at the beginning of the next year.

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In this regard, it might appear crazy that we were still hiking in this large group, however unexpected from my side it was, on the second Christmas Day. Well on the other hand, because it’s the second Christmas Day, many didn’t have any other choice than coming to this event.

While there were quite a few people joining today, I couldn’t get a train ticket. I am anyway going to need one in January, so I got a 30-day ticket from today on. There was another person who didn’t have one either that I took on my ticket, who started insulting me for not having Messenger on my phone while being the organizer. What a great start of the day.

I chose this track today mainly because of the Christmas market, which is still open in Hagen. You might already know that the tracks around Hagen are not quite easy, which was very much the case today as well. So after a few super easy winter hikes, people might have been surprised to see today’s one.

As you can see on the photo above, there was some snow in Hagen (actually not only on the mountains). It’s amazing to see such a difference between Düsseldorf and Hagen since these two cities are not quite far away from each other.

There were, as I already stated above, some difficult spots in the first half today, which were made probably even more complicated because of the snow.

So we were on the edge of the Sauerland today again. Compared to areas like Eifel, there are vast areas of barren land here in the Sauerland, which are the product of the drought a few years ago. It usually looks merely horrible, but with a layer of snow on top of it today it looked actually quite nice to see a large field like this.

After the first part in which we went mostly westwards, we started following a small stream, after which it was mostly flat. There was also hardly any snow anymore from that moment on. It was a lot more like a normal winter hike.

We had a break at the Freilicht Museum, where I knew there’d be toilets. Today, not so surprisingly, they were closed. Some people went to a nearby restaurant (which was more surprisingly open). Anyway we had a break there for half an hour or so, and we then kept going.

There was a Bismarckturm on the way, next to which we had another small break. Maybe we could start a fire there next time (no worries – we won’t :D)

And at the end we arrived in Hagen and directly went to the Christmas market. It was a lot smaller than the one that we saw a few years ago. Appropriately for Hagen (which is famous for being lawless), there was no control of Covid certificate.

Anyway, so much for the last hike of the year. The rollercoaster that started rolling last year kept going this year as well. With the omicron variant approaching, things are going to be wild again in the near future. Let’s see what it’s gonna look like 🙂

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