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Hiking from Balduinstein to Obernhof

I organized a hike from Obernhof to Bad Ems a few weeks ago, when I got corona and couldn’t join myself. The people told me that it was one of the best hikes ever (which I totally believe). In order to see something similar, I organized a hike from Balduinstein to Obernhof, which is essentially the section right before.

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Maybe because it was very far today, there were not so many people joining. We were 9 people in total, actually like yesterday. Mostly the people that I’ve known for a long time.

I have actually never seen this river Lahn, which goes somewhere around Limburg to the Rhine at Koblenz. I had really no idea what it would look like. From the train, it looked actually more like a canal, with a lot of boats and not particularly beautiful water.

Just like yesterday, there was no city at the train station. It took us only a few minutes to enter the nature. Today’s weather was very similar to yesterday’s, so it was really nice to be inside the forest right from the beginning.

Even though we were on the side of the Rhine, where the forests tended to be affected by the drought of a few years ago. Apparently here around Koblenz it was not really the case. Whenever we were inside the forest, we could be sure that we were well covered.

At the same time, we had also many fields today. Mostly we were walking in the wheat field, where you could see this beautiful contrast of yellow and blue. Every now and then, it really looked like the Ukrainian flag. I hope it won’t be far in the future that it won’t evoke any special emotion anymore.

We had nice views every now and then over the Lahn. Just like yesterday, since the river was not extremely large, it was not quite as impressive as along the Rhine, but it was still interesting to see the rocky cliffs that you cannot find inside NRW, but a lot in Rhineland Palatinate.

We had a break at Laurenberg, where there was also a train station. As we were right next to the river, Shrijal and I started swimming. I don’t properly announce it in the events, but in the summer we can regularly swim in different places, and today was a particularly good one because of the weather. There was also a random food truck nearby, so the fact that I forgot my lunch was not quite deadly.

As the sun was shining just as strongly in the second half, we really appreciated the forest which was predominantly the environment in the second half. I guess at some point people were really exhausted because they were partially really quiet.

And accordingly we needed a bit more break, as you can see on the photo above. At the same time there was this nice breeze every now and then there. Almost like a vacation feeling right next to where we live.

As we arrived at Obernhof, our train arrived. We had a quick dinner at Koblenz and went back home after that. It was after 10pm that we arrived in Düsseldorf.

Manuel: We didn’t have an ice cream. BUT it won’t happen again …

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10 months ago

We won’t forget the ice cream ever again.. I promise

Last edited 10 months ago by Manuel