Hiking report

Hiking at Schwelm!

Everyone know autumn is the perfect season for hiking, and today was a great example. Probably since last Sunday, the weather forecast was sure about today’s weather. Pity, that it’s the transition period (i.e. beginning of new school term) and not many people join.


In contrast to the great weather, I wasn’t really looking forward to today’s hike. Partially because we’ve been to Schwelm already several times. This region between Wuppertal and Hagen is a precious area that offers many hiking trails. I just feel we’ve been going there too often. Of course it also testifies it is a great place, but concerning today’s trail, I rather had the feeling it’s going to be a bit boring with too many trees and less variety.

And just as it is the transition period now, many don’t have their tickets yet. And there was a huge ticket shortage this morning. In the end, by combining several tickets we managed to get almost all the tickets. I’m really stupid that I organized it in Schwelm today, whereas the possibility of hiking near Düsseldorf was actually there.

At first, it indeed looked like it was going to be a boring trail today, but as we proceeded, we actually saw quite a few changes on the way. There were constant changes in landscape, as well as altitude (which was something I was expecting anyway). Hm, actually Schwelm could be more interesting than I had previously thought.

At the same time, it was also a wild area. There were huge trees lying on the path. And we had to literally climb up to continue. There were also those who came for the first time. It must have been a surprising experience for them. Not that I care, though.

Fortunately, even on the steep and narrow forest paths, nothing bad happened. This time, I’m not exaggerating. I’m really happy that nothing happened.

There were free apples on the way (just like this on the photo). They were probably not expecting this large number of people; obviously almost all of the apples disappeared within a few minutes. This year apparently we are having surplus apples. Pity that not the same thing is happening with the computer.

We had a break at Beyenburg. I knew there was a nice café there. Due to the great weather, it was well crowded and we were treated like we were slaves, while being clients. We had a similar experience last week.

The rest of the trail was just as wild as before. This was actually what I was expecting for today, as there is one mountain between Beyenburg and Schwelm (which was today’s destination), and we already bypassed this mountain both to the right and the left, so this time, we directly went through this mountain. Great that we climbed right up after the break.

We’ve already been to Schwelm several times, but still I wanted to come back here, because there’s a nice ice cream dealer close to the train station. This small ice cream dealer is every time hopelessly overcrowded because of our presence. And even though I don’t apologize to the poor locals who probably feel invaded, I do actually feel sorry. Not that we stop doing it, though 🙂

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