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Hiking around Bad Driburg

August came. So did the last month of the 9-euro ticket. From next month on, the hikes will take place inside VRR and VRS again. But until then, I keep trying to organize hikes far from Düsseldorf. Today, I chose Bad Driburg, which lies right behind Paderborn. I was sure that there would’ve be so many people joining this time, but when I saw that the German railway silently cancelled the train from Düsseldorf to Paderborn, I was firmly convinced that no one would join at all, especially regarding the fact that there were 3 changes from Düsseldorf. Who would ever want to do that.

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And not so surprisingly, there was no one today. Actually there was one girl who apparently appeared in Düsseldorf, who signed up in the last minute and therefore didn’t have the Telegram link. I actually thought I had posted the change of plan on FB, but apparently I had forgotten about it. I don’t know if she would have made if I had posted it, since I took an earlier train, but as she kept accusing me while I was admitting my mistake, I’m in fact rather glad that I was hiking all alone after all.

We have been to Altenbeken once. It was a nice area, although it didn’t really convince me. Bad Driburg lies right next to it, and the landscape is somewhat similar to Altenbeken, but I found out that there were a lot more trees here. Moreover, the drought of a few years ago, which damaged the whole area from Sauerland to the Harz, apparently spared this city (I can’t remember how it was in Altenbeken). There were some dead trees, but it looked definitely much better than in the Sauerland or the Harz.

But obviously, to a certain extent it was a bit like Altenbeken, as I was walking through a field when I left the train station. There was really hardly anyone there, even though it was such a beautiful landscape.

So, if you look at the map above, you might notice that today’s trail was completely surrounding the city of Bad Driburg. The effect was easy to see: nearly all the time, I could see the city on the right somewhere far below, and nature on the left.

Since there was anyway no one hiking with me, I was talking on the phone all the time. That made it somewhat difficult to see my own environment, but there was a small horse festival or something on the way.

As I was all alone, I didn’t really care about the break today. I also had my breakfast relatively late, because I didn’t have time at home anymore and so I had to eat something on the way. Instead I had a long nap some time past midday. It was amazing to sleep in the middle of the forest, all alone.

We had yet another heatwave this week. As a lot of rain came yesterday, today was much cooler, but still the forest helped me a lot to cope with the heat. Can you see the beautiful summer clouds in the sky?

It was a weird feeling to see the city all the time from where I was. This kind of stuff just never really happens.

Bad in Bad Driburg obviously does not mean “bad”, but instead means “bath”. There was this small bath in the forest. There was a sign nearby that it’s not for use. What is it for otherwise?

Bad Driburg must be really proud of itself for some reason, because they created this monument to remember the person who created the city.

There must have been an ice cream parlor in the city center (which I found was actually pretty nice), but since I didn’t have lunch today, I had to buy something to eat. Then I took a train back to Düsseldorf. By the way, in total I had to change trains 6 times and I didn’t miss any of them today. I’m gonna call it the wonder of Bad Driburg!

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