Weekend trip to Liège!

August 7, 2020 @ 5:00 pm – August 9, 2020 @ 6:00 pm

Bonjours à tous! Your holidays may have been cancelled, but we can still enjoy trips to other countries! This time I’m proposing a weekend trip to Liège!

The plan is quite simple: we’re gonna see each other at the Liège youth hostel in the evening of August 7 (Friday). Feel free to come whenever you want. I’m arriving at 4:44 at Liège Guillemins. We’ll (maybe) have dinner at l’industrie.

The next day, we’ll hike according to the map below. The train back from Esneux to Liège Guillemins leaves at 16:20 or 18:20 and costs 5€ per person according to the SNCB website. Otherwise we can take a bus leaving at 17:01 (which might be even better since the bus goes to the city center). Afterwards, we’ll (maybe) have dinner at bruit qui court.

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On Sunday, we’ll take a train to Eijsden (train leaving at 9:08, 10:08, 11:08 etc.), which costs 6€ per person. Then we walk towards the famous Saint Peter’s caves near Maastricht. For this, first we cross the Maas via Cramignon and walk according to the map below. The visit costs 9,50€ per person – feel free to decide whether you want to join or not. In the end, we’ll walk to Maastricht and take a train back to Aachen, from where we can most likely travel for free back to Düsseldorf thanks to the summer promotion of VRR/VRS.

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  • Maria

    Hi Sam!

    I am Maria, I will be joining the hike in Aachen this weekend that I found through meetup, and I came across with this website from there! I just saw this weekend trip. Probably this is a long shot but… is there any spots available? Thanks in advance!


    • Sam

      Hey Maria. Unfortunately there’s not spot available anymore, and I guess it anyway makes more sense for you to know the people first before deciding to join the weekend trip (I presume you’re hiking with us for the first time?). This one is not the last weekend trip so you can maybe check out the other ones.

      • Maria

        I am in several hiking groups and I think I know any of the participants, but for sure this Saturday I will meet much more and hopefully join future weekends! thanks for organizing all of this!

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