Weekend trip to Detmold!

November 6, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – November 8, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

Hey! Summer might have been gone, but it’s actually now the perfect period of time to take a look at cultural heritages nearby! Let’s enjoy it with other cool people! This time I’m proposing a weekend trip to Detmold, a very famous city for its music academy and important sites like Hermannsdenkmal and Externsteine that we’re gonna visit!

Day I (November 6, Friday)

We’ll see each other in the Youth hostel in Detmold at some point in the evening. Feel free to go there whenever you want. Since it’s within NRW, students can mostly travel there for free.

Download kml / gpx


Day II (November 7, Saturday)

We’ll hike according to the map above. This trail contains famous sites such as Externsteine and Hermannsdenkmal. Don’t forget to bring you camera 🙂

Day III (November 8, Sunday)

So far I haven’t planned anything, but maybe we can go to the Freilichtmuseum which lies right next to the hostel, or go to Altenbeken and see the famous viaduct.

I already got a reservation for 10 people. Due to the coronavirus, the hostel apparently requires extra cost. 70€ per person for the hostel stay for the two nights with breakfast.

List of participants

  1. Zaman
  2. Kartik
  3. Cláudia
  4. Felipe
  5. Sarah
  6. Signore
  7. Sidra
  8. Niloofar
  9. Sam

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