Easter trip to Marseille

April 14, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – April 18, 2022 @ 12:00 pm

Hey! A long harsh winter is over! Now let’s get out of the cells and enjoy the great nature over the weekend of Easter!

So, here’s what happened so far: I booked a place for up to 16 people in the city center of Marseille from Easter Thursday (Apr. 14 2021) to the Tuesday after that (Apr. 18).

All geographical info can be on this page.

Day I (Apr. 14, Thursday)

Arrival at the property. Here’s the address: 31 Cours Lieutaud. I’ll get the keys at 4pm so feel free to arrive whenever you want after that! Zaman is planning to organise a city tour in the afternoon. We will then go to the bar Carry Nation at 8pm. We have a reservation made for 13 people so don’t be late!

Day II (Apr. 15, Friday)

Some time in the morning we’re gonna take a bus from Castellane to Madrague (Line 19) and hike according to the route below. It takes around 20 min to get to Madrague (cf. timetable). There are plenty of restaurants along the coastline.

Day III (Apr. 16, Saturday)

Zaman will organize a trip to Nîmes, which is a beautiful Roman city which still conserves the most beautiful elements. The journey there and back will cost 32€.

Schedule from Marseille to Pont du Gard (cf. page of liO):

  • Dep: 9:40 Marseille St. Charles
  • Arr: 11:06 Avignon Centre
  • Dep: 11:34 Avignon Centre Line 115 (can be 50 min later if someone wants to see Avignon)
  • Arr: 12:16 Vers Rond Point Pont du Gard

Then we have lunch and hike in this area. Afterwards we can take the following connection (not necessarily, but other connections are not particularly good)

  • Dep: 16:00 Vers Rond Point Pont du Gard Line 121
  • Arr: 16:45 Nîmes Gare Routière

Then we walk around Nîmes. Hopefully we’re gonna have dinner in Nîmes and take the following connection:

  • Dep: 21:25 Nîmes Centre
  • Arr: 22:33 Marseille St. Charles

Day IV (Apr. 17, Sunday)

Change of plan: We’re going to create 3 groups:

  • Staying in Marseille
  • Going to Cassis
  • Hiking from Luminy to Cassis

I (Sam) am going to hike from Luminy to Cassis. If you are going to Cassis or hiking from Luminy to Cassis, we’re leaving around 9am. We’ll all see each other in Cassis.

Day V (Apr. 18, Monday)

Back to Germany?

IMPORTANT: I don’t organise the journey to Marseille, so please do it yourselves 🙂

Zaman and I say 170€ for a single person and 240€ for a couple.

List of participants

  1. Shrijal
  2. Inna
  3. Kartik
  4. Cláudia
  5. Madhuri
  6. Chris
  7. Zaman
  8. Sarah
  9. Niloofar
  10. Amir
  11. Christine
  12. Julien
  13. Sam

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