Camp+Cycling+BBQ weekend at Dutch-German border!

June 29, 2019 @ 11:00 am – June 30, 2019 @ 4:00 pm

Hey! Did you know that you can fully enjoy the summer without going really far?? Just join us and see what it really means! This time, I’m proposing a cycling/hiking-BBQ-camping-swimming weekend at the Effelder Waldsee, which lies at the border between Germany and the Netherlands!

The plan is quite simple: we’re gonna see each other in front of Düsseldorf Hbf at 11:00am on Saturday. Then:

  1. Departure: Düsseldorf Hbf platform XXX at 11:22 (RE 4)
  2. Arrival: Mönchengladbach Hbf platform 5 at 11:48

Then we start cycling. Easy, isn’t it? The train has only limited space for bicycles, so if you want to be sure to be able to join us, you might be also interested to take the S-Bahn that leaves 20 min earlier (and arrives 12 min earlier than the train above). You’re also very welcome to join us wherever you want! It’s within the VRR region so if you have a Ticket 2000/Semester ticket/Young Ticket Plus, you can travel there for free. Even if you don’t it’s very likely that someone can take you for free so just be there in time!

If you are coming on foot, you might want to go to Dalheim and hike from there to the campsite. By the time you reach Dalheim, you might see us (cyclists) passing by.

Then we’ll cycle according to this map (in kml-format) or this map (in gpx-format). The total distance is something like 37 km. It would be helpful if you’d bring something to eat and a picnic blanket. You are also very welcome to bring a ball/frisbee, a guitar and more!

For the BBQ in the evening on Saturday, we will buy the food directly nearby. We’ll talk about what to buy during the cycling and afterwards I’ll go (together with someone else) to a supermarket by car and get the stuff there. We’ll divide the cost afterwards (maybe 7 or 8€ per person?). This being said, you’re also welcome to bring stuff for BBQ if you like! If you have a BBQ at home, it would be extremely helpful if you could bring it as well. One way or other, please bring your own cutlery and dish+cup!

Even if you don’t have a tent, you might still get a place in a tent if you at least have a sleeping bag. And the staff of the campground told me that there’s plenty of space there so you’re also very welcome to sign up spontaneously. It costs around 10€ per person for the campground. The campground has its own beach so don’t forget to bring swimming stuff!

This event is organised also on Couchsurfing. Check it out from this link!

For the second day, I haven’t really made a specific plan. I might update the info in the coming days here 🙂

For further useful info read this page

Hope to see you there!

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