Hiking report

Hiking from Hösel to Mülheim and Christmas market!

I might have talked about the orchester sometime in the past where I’ve been playing the cello for around a year now. Recently, I created a website for them. Since I’m (hopefully) not going to be the only one person administrating the website, I installed wordpress, for the first time in life. It is now more than 20 years that I have a website, though it was not always the same location. And I still remember the early days of Javascript and its development over the years. Today, things have been developed so far that I can hardly recognize the elements in the programming languages. And I must admit wordppress is indeed a great tool to maintain a website. After having created the website, I decided to create a subdomain of this website, in order to create an independent website for the hiking events, which is, as a matter of fact, also created with wordpress. And you can find it here. There, you can also find my first post explaining why it took so much time to create an independent website, although the reasons have more or less been stated in different locations in my blog. Things are evolving, and I’m really looking forward to the outcome.